Illustration montrant un astronaute devant une planète, l'image présente un atelier pour enfant

Illustration by Antonin Jousse, 2020.

From 4 to 7 years old, from 1 to 3 half-days
Workshop organized on request

Creation, programming and adventure ... without screen

Teaching computer programming to children ... without a screen. If digital technology is revolutionizing our lives and our uses, it is necessary to understand its codes from a very young age. This workshop proposes to teach children from 4 years old to understand the mechanisms of computer programming: functions, loops and variables. The principle of this workshop is inspired by the learning methods of the LOGO language and constructions of Primo Toys to enable children to learn digital literacy from specially designed wooden toys, stories and illustrations. The aim is to discover computer logic without a screen and by developing the child's creativity through adventures and characters that he or she can customize.

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Workshop organized by Antonin Jousse and Shabnam Rahimian.
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