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Based in Lille (France), La ligne ouverte is a production and distribution structure for international contemporary artists. Our main mission is to support collaborations between artists from different cultures.
This work is based on the importance of cultural exchanges and meetings between artists, researchers, professionals, informed audiences and local populations. The meeting of populations through contemporary art is the heart of our approach.


"We are going to have to accept the idea that the world is shrinking and that people of different religions and cultures are going to have to learn to live together."

Ai Weiwei, Human Flow, 2017.

The anthropocene and the related social, economic and political problems are resulting in massive population movements around the world. For the first time, populations of different cultures and religions are forced to live together. It is in this context that we have started our work with the main problem of artistic encounters as a support for encounters and as a means to push back ignorance and fear of the other.

This approach, as well as our previous work, also leads us to rethink the role of digital and digital media in this new balance. It seems impossible to us not to address this theme with artists as the digital (and Internet) has an impact on these issues. The web was designed to allow humans to share knowledge without borders, it is today one of the main tools for population control. How should we question this role? How can digital technology help us in our missions?

We now wish to initiate a long-term work that addresses these issues through the prism of contemporary art and that can do so in the territory of the Hauts-de-France and elsewhere in the world.

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