Based in Lille (France), La ligne ouverte is a production and distribution structure for international contemporary artists. Our main mission is to support collaborations between artists from different cultures. This work is based on the importance of cultural exchanges and encounters between artists, researchers, professionals, informed audiences and local populations. The meeting of populations through contemporary art is at the heart of our approach.

La ligne ouverte ... funny name for a contemporary art structure, hardly pronounceable for non-French speakers. This line has however different meanings and possibilities:

It is a line drawn to represent a shape, to draw a face;
it is a written line giving back to words their greatness;
it is a programmed line, a command line modifying our interfaced perception of the world;
perhaps also a line of action;
but it is above all a link, a strong connection that links beings, countries, cultures.

Its opening is towards others and towards the world, it is so named to create encounter. If Ai Weiwei said that in a shrinking world humans will have to learn to live together, then they must first meet each other and accept their differences. La ligne ouverte is above all this, to allow citizens, artists, thinkers and everyone who comes through our door to meet others. We believe that if contemporary art and digital art have one strength in common, it is their ability to create a link, but to do so we must provide an opening.

Presentation of La ligne ouverte in .pdf (only in French for the moment)

video du montage d'une installation artistique

Our missions

Produce, support, collaborate, exchange, learn.

Our main missions include both the production and the accompaniment of international artists as well as a work of mediation and pedagogy with different audiences:

  • Produce and distribute works produced in collaboration between artists from different countries,
  • Accompanying young artists internationally,
  • Develop a set of creative and digital learning workshops from an early age,
  • Accompanying different audiences in the encounter with our artists,
  • To host meetings, debates and publications on this work.

Our team

La ligne ouverte was founded in 2019 in Lille by Shabnam Rahimian and Antonin Jousse. Our team grows every year to improve our projects.


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La ligne ouverte
Boîte C159356
Maison des associations de Lille
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