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Illustration montrant un astronaute devant une planète, l'image présente un atelier pour enfant

Illustration by Antonin Jousse, 2020.

Creation, programming and adventure ... without screen

From 4 to 7 years old, 30 minutes to 1 jour sessions (flexible)
Workshop organized on request

Teaching computer programming to children ... yes, but without a screen. If digital technology is revolutionizing our lives and our uses, it is necessary to understand its codes from a very young age. This workshop proposes to teach children from 4 years old to understand the mechanisms of computer programming: sequences, loops and variables.

This game allows to follow the adventures of a group of robots that, once turned on, try to find their memories and their creator. Children are invited to participate in this adventure by programming the robots. Using commands based on wooden tokens, the children can make the robot move, give it action commands, repeat sequences of movements, etc. To succeed in this adventure, the robots must search their huge memory for clues to find their creator.

Based on LOGO language learning methods and constructions from Primo Toys, the objective is to allow children to learn digital technology from wooden toys, stories and illustrations specially designed for this purpose.

This workshop was realized in partnership with Lumberjack House for the fabrication of the wooden toys.
This workshop was produced by the city of Lille and the art center Espace Croisé.
It was supported by the city of Roubaix and the social center Nautilus.

Format of the workshop :
- session of 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on age)
- from 3 sessions

For more information or if you would like to host this workshop, please contact us :
info@laligneouverte.fr / +33 07 84 14 59 56

Workshop Calendar

February 23, 25 and 26 at the Edouard Vaillant school in Roubaix. Soon at the Nautilus center in Roubaix.

Our partners for this workshop

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