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Plusieurs dessins au feutre noir sur fond blanc montrant des symboles d'Internet et du numérique comme un ordinateur, Twitter, une connexion, etc.

Illustration by Antonin Jousse, 2020.

Draw Me a Connection!

From 10 to 12 years old, sessions of 1 hour (flexible)
Workshop organized on request

Our times are undeniably a time of connection: between people, between objects, between services. Digital technology builds a vision of the world where everything is connected in real time to an impalpable virtual form (the Internet). However, living and growing up in a connected whole is another reality.

This workshop aims to work with teenagers on the terms "connection" and "link" in the digital age. The objective is to make these notions understandable and palpable, to give them back visibility. This reflection takes concrete form in non-digital forms: drawings and texts. The idea is not to evacuate the digital from the practice of these young people but rather to ensure that they understand the implications. They understand the relationships they have with others and with themselves in this connected whole. The workshop therefore addresses notions such as digital identity, the smartphone and its technical structure, and tracking.

Workshop format :
- 45 minutes session at 1 hour 15 minutes - from 3 sessions minimum

For more information or if you want to host this workshop, please contact us :
info@laligneouverte.fr / +33 07 84 14 59 56

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